Patient Information Leaflet (COVID-19)

Thank you for arranging an appointment with J. Rodger Aesthetics. I am looking forward to your attendance at clinic and returning to some form of normality during this uncertain time. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some key information which applies to you to ensure your safety during the treatment process. Rest assured, appropriate risk assessments have been carried out and measures have been implemented to the clinical area to help keep you and I safe, hopefully reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The clinic set up and treatment process may be slightly different from what you have previously experienced. These are however all necessary changes which have been advised by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, our local government and my insurance company. I hope I can rely on your cooperation and support to assist me in following and implementing these guidelines. I will start with telling you what to expect pre-treatment, during and post treatment.

• Upon booking you will receive the following forms to read and sign electronically.
These must be completed prior to your pre - treatment video consultation. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your appointment:

* Covid -19 risk assessment questionnaire (This questionnaire is specific to COVID-19 symptoms and aims to risk assess whether you are
showing signs of COVID-19 and to assess your suitability for treatment.    
*Medical questionnaire            

*Psychological Assessment questionnaire.  
*Covid-19 consent form - highlights the possible risks of having treatment during this time.      
*Treatment specific consent form

• Prior to treatment you will have a pre -treatment video consultation. You may be asked to confirm some of the details which you have submitted via the electronic forms that you submitted. If your pre -treatment questionnaire doesn’t highlight signs of COVID-19 and you are otherwise well then, we will be happy to carry out your treatment. Video consultations will be carried out via This will not completely replace the normal face to face consultation. It will however allow me to discuss your treatment request and gather the necessary information to carry out your treatment more efficiently. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and enables me to discuss all the risks, benefits and alternatives to having treatment. This process will allow us to reduce consultation times spent face to face at clinic, in turn limiting the risk of cross contamination and spread of potential unknown Covid cases.

• Please attend your appointment unaccompanied to reduce the amount of people within the clinic setting at one time.

• There will only be yourself and I present at clinic with the exception of prescribing consultations. These will take place within the clinic room between you and the nurse prescriber. I will be in a separate room joining the consultation in a separate room via video call. This will reduce the number of people socialising at one time.

• Please do not arrive early for your appointment as they have been scheduled in such a way to avoid exposure to other patients.

• On arrival to clinic please do not press the entry buzzer system, I will be waiting for you.

• Please do not wait in the waiting room, instead please wait inside your car and I will invite you in. Please feel free to phone upon arrival.

• Bathroom facilities will be out of use other than in the event of an emergency.

• Please refrain from bringing unnecessary belongings to clinic as this can become an additional host for infection and cross contamination.

• On arrival to clinic a temperature reading will be carried out as a raised temperature can be a symptom of covid.

• All patients must wear a face mask to attend the clinic which will be replaced with a face mask from clinic stock upon arrival. Your mask must be worn during the consultation process. Removal of mask will be dependent upon the type of treatment being carried out. I will advise you accordingly. You will be permitted to take the provided face mask home with you.

• There will be a touch free hand sanitiser dispenser at the door of the clinic which must be used before entering the clinic room.

• You will be asked to wash your hands and sanitise them once you have entered the clinic. Hand washing posters are located at the sink area, providing a step by step guide on how to wash your hands effectively.

• 2m social distancing must be maintained when at all possible during the consultation process. This has been clearly marked out on the clinic floor and your chair will have been positioned to reflect this.  

• When making payment for your treatment- only card or bank transfer will be accepted. Payment must be made prior to leaving clinic.

You should not attend clinic if any of the following apply:
* If you or anyone in your household are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
*dry cough
*loss of sense of taste or smell
*runny nose*sore throat
*flu like symptoms
*Travelled out with the UK in the last 14 days
*Been exposed to anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last month

Please find a link below which will provide you with further information on the guidance we have followed to assist in implement changes to the clinic setting to ensure your safety. Due to the recent changes being implemented and the increase in PPE equipment required to ensure maximum safety there will be a slight increase to treatment prices. ovid-19/suggested_operational_plan_guidelines_for_covid- 19_reintegration_of_medical_aesthetic_services.pdf

Thank you for your continued support throughout this difficult time and I look forward to seeing you all at clinic.

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